Do you remember how difficult it was the first time you got back to the gym after a long break or the first time you ever worked out? Think back to the things that you did and the weights you lifted. Now, those probably seem like a piece of cake. With consistency and repetition, the body naturally adapts, and what was once challenging doesn’t even make you bat an eye.

This is why it is so important to progress your workouts. If you started with only exercising twice a week, now go three times. Increasing your frequency will challenge your body further. Change up the intensity. If you took it slow before, now speed things up. If you took frequent breaks, increase the amount of time you exercise. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something completely new. If you’re used to a specific type of training, switch it up and see how much progress you make.

Whatever you do, make it different and make it exciting. Doing the same thing over and over the exact same way for the exact same amount of time won’t lead to the results your looking for. Instead, work with a trainer who understands our fitness level and can safely progress your exercise to get you the results you dream of!

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