Say hello to Tim! He is constantly pushing himself and everyone around him further. His motivation and joy is contagious, and no matter the workout you will find him smiling!

“I joined Premier Personal Training about 8 months ago after watching my wife Ashley transform her body with the help of Aaron, Courtney, and Anne. A her to show you pictures of her at our wedding vs now, and you will see what I am talking about. I was looking for a new challenge, and with the Big 5-0 approaching, I wanted to try something new to help me continue chasing one of my goals I made when I graduated college… My goal was to be in better physical shape every time I celebrated a birthday with a 0 on the end. So at 30, I made it a goal to be in better than I was at 20 and so on.

Just a little of my backstory…I have completed 7 Ironman triathlons, 5+ marathons, and 75+ other triathlons/running races. I can swim, bike, or run all day, yet I couldn’t do 3 squats without my legs giving out. I couldn’t lift more than 40 lbs over my head. I had absolutely no functional strength (basically, a skinny bag of fat). I knew that if I wanted to continue competing at a high level, I needed to add strength training to my workouts, and I needed help figuring out my diet. I have learned the hard way that you can’t out-train a poor diet. So I met with Aaron the very first week I joined, and we put a plan in place to get me to my goal.

Aaron assured me that I could achieve any goal I wanted, but getting and staying in shape takes consistency along with a healthy dose of accountability. Joining PPT gave me exactly that… the opportunity to workout in a structured environment with a group of like-minded people. Everyone working out with PPT has their own reasons for being there, but they all share one common trait – they want to better than who they were yesterday.

Fast forward to today, my 50th birthday, and I can say without hesitation, I have never felt better, been stronger, or been happier with my decision to join PPT. I am inspired by every person I get to workout with. They are all driven to be their best by Aaron, Courtney, and Anne, and I am thankful to be a part of the PPT community.”

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